Responsive Web Design in Ecommerce

Let’s face it. Mobile devices are everywhere. Yes, you have one (or 5) and so do I. The advent of the technology required for mobile internet browsing to be not only possible, but an actually enjoyable experience as well has caused the world of technology to be overtaken by the power of the mobile device.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or whatever, the world has made it clear that they want access to the online space on the go, at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere in the world.
With this recent explosion of the mobile device market, web developers have been faced more and more, from new clients to existing ones, with the dilemma of how to address the user experience of their client’s websites on a mobile device.

While you may be able to get away with not addressing the needs of the mobile market with a personal blog, in the ecommerce space where user experience can dominate or destroy your conversion rates, you cannot afford not to make your site friendly across all devices.

There are generally three ways to address the mobile issue:

1) Do nothing
2) Have a separate mobile site that mobile devices redirect to
3) Have a fully responsive mobile site.

More often than not, you are likely to see number 1 implemented. If you have visited a site and had to ‘pinch and zoom’ to see the content then that site has not addressed the mobile problem at all.

Option number 2 is an okay option, but studies have shown that these kinds of mobile site redirects can dramatically slow down site speed and performance, among other problems.

I believe that the future of mobile web experience will come to be dominated by option 3.

So, what is a ‘fully responsive’ mobile site?

Essentially this: Whenever the site is loaded onto a device, whether a desktop, smartphone, laptop, etc., the site ‘responds’ to the screen size on the device, and images, text and all other content on the site will resize automatically to fit the screen.

Here’s an example from a recent client. Real Ugly Christmas, an online seller of ugly/tacky Christmas jumpers and party accessories, wanted a fully responsive site that would help them increase their conversion rate with mobile users

Take a look at the screenshots below. As you can see the site on a desktop is in its full screen version. As the screen resizes, the elements of the page automatically realign to fit the screen.

You can test any site on a desktop or laptop to see if it is responsive by simply dragging the corners of your browser and resizing the screen. If everything on the page realigns automatically you will know you are viewing a fully mobile responsive site.

On an ecommerce store you do not want to lose potential customers who come to you on mobile devices, just because the experience of visiting your site is difficult on a small screen. People are naturally uncomfortable when purchasing online. You have to do whatever you can to make every step of the process a comfortable, soothing experience so you can move them seamlessly through your sales funnel to the completion of the checkout process.

Asking your visitors to pinch and zoom on every page of the buying process is going to lead to frustration and, ultimately, shopping cart and site abandonment.

I think that as mobile expands, as it invariably will, fully responsive sites are going to be the industry standard. Ecommerce is the industry, I believe, that has the most to gain by addressing the response of their site across multiple devices, and making sure each mobile visitor has a pleasant experience makes a purchase, and comes back often.

New Technology Advancements In Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

In the last radio program, I had the opportunity of interviewing a prominent doctor on the new technological advancements in transvaginal mesh surgery. Additionally, the Doctor was kind enough to provide a reference site at for anyone that is interested in learning more about this subject.

Here are the top 5 questions I asked the doctor and some of the important answers that he provided. Details on other things that emerged during this last interview are also available.

1. What is this Surgery?

The doctor was prudent enough when I asked him to provide the details of what is entailed in mesh implant surgery. He said that this surgical operation involves the implantation of a net-like implant in women through the vaginal opening. The net-like implant, commonly referred to as a mesh implant that is used in treating pelvic organ prolapsed and stress urinary inconsistence in women. Sincerely speaking I had no idea on what the medical doctor was talking about.

2. What are its  Health Benefits?

According to what the doctor said, the first and most important benefit of this surgery is that the net-like implant that is inserted in the pelvic cavity holds the pelvic bones to the right positions and therefore prevents serious disorders such as the pelvic organ prolapsed from prevailing. This is very important in ensuring healthy lifestyles are upheld in women.

Another great importance of the this surgery is that the inserted net-like implant acts as a reservoir for accumulated urine and therefore prevents the woman from acquiring a health condition that is characterized by urinary inconsistency. This means that a woman who has gone through a successful surgery will not have to worry about unpredictability in urinary discharge.

3. Can the Surgery be done to a Man?

Transvaginal mesh implantation is only possible to women with problems that affect the pelvic bone functions. Men do not have a vaginal opening and therefore making the surgical operation impossible. The doctor however clarified that there are reported cases of men having similar problems that would require the surgical implantation of a medical device that can hold the pelvic bones firmly into their positions. He said that there are other medical procedures that are used in treating such disorders and do not necessarily require medical operations.

4. Is there an Alternative to this Procedure?

Medical doctors are working on possible replacement of this surgical procedure with the use of pills and injections. With the research still on, there is no proven alternative to a mesh implant. Women who are diagnosed with health conditions that require this surgical procedure have no alternative but to sit down, relax and let the doctors do their work.

5. What happens if the Vaginal Opening is Too Small to accommodate the Implant?

If the woman’s vaginal opening is a bit small, the doctor is allowed to make use of special sterilized tools and equipments to widen the opening. This is aimed at making it possible to insert the mesh into the pelvic cavity. It is important to realize that such cases are rare as most women have vaginal openings that can accommodate the medical implant.

With these new technological advancements, there is every reason to believe that our women will be able to live a happy and fulfilling life that is not characterized by complex health conditions.

Has Technology Changed the Field of Auto Repair for Better or Worse?

Computer technology has dramatically altered a tremendous amount of jobs all over the world, and for auto mechanics like transmission repair specialists Express Transmissions the change has been especially jarring. That’s because automobile designers, working for the benefit and convenience of the consume, have used computer-aided software to update their vehicles. In the process, operations that used to be entirely mechanical, things like braking, consumption of fuel and engine management, are now controlled and regulated by computers. When something goes wrong in a vehicle these days it’s often not a mechanical problem but a computer-based one, and that alone makes the jobs of auto mechanics radically different than they were a decade ago.

There has been some debate over whether these changes have been positive or negative overall. Some say that the computer regulated systems are more reliable and that problems with them are easier to diagnose, while others say that they make auto repairs too expensive and too specialized. That’s not to say that auto mechanics aren’t doing highly specialized work, but repairing computer based problems requires a very different skillset. While knowledge of automobile anatomy is still certainly useful (if not essential) for mechanics to have, training in automated, computer-guided systems has become a mandatory aspect of the job for mechanics all over the world. It’s no longer enough to be certified as much as a year ago. Because the business is changing so rapidly, and so often, auto technicians have to get recertified every calendar year just to make sure they’re up to date. The training process is nearly constant. That means that many auto mechanics are spending more time in meetings and less time fixing cars.

Of course, there are many benefits to these computer-aided systems as well. Most importantly, they make many car-related issues very easy to diagnose. Simply hooking a computer up to a vehicle can tell you a great deal about what might potentially be wrong with it. Often, the computer program will be able to gather enough information to tell you exactly what is wrong with the car. Sometimes, however, the computer will only help, not directly inform. Mechanics will frequently have to use the information gathered by the computer to create a theory about what the problem might be, a theory that they can then test using their non-computer-related skillset. Computers have certainly impacted the auto repair industry in a major way. Some auto repair shops, like Toledo OH’s transmission repair specialists Express Transmissions, have risen to the challenge, focusing on the good aspects of their increasingly computer-based work and working around the less agreeable aspects of the job.

However, for some, the transition has proven to be extremely difficult. Computers are playing such an important role in the industry these days that it’s basically become a case of adapt or get out. New students in the field of auto repair are learning to work in tandem with computers for the benefit of clients, but some mechanics from the previous generation are having a harder time adapting. We’ll wait and see what the future holds, but one thing is certain: we will only grow more reliant upon computer-aided systems in the future.

Are There Web Designers Who Focus on Roofing Companies?

The world is full of web designers with unique specialties. There are designers who service every industry, taking on any clients who require their aid, and then there are those who focus on one particular area or industry. As such, it may come as a surprise to some of you, but not to all of you, that there are a number of web designers who focus exclusively on designing websites for roofers, clients like Toledo roofer All-Nu Construction. I was somewhat surprised to learn this, as roofing does seem extremely specific. After all, these companies could widen their net by focusing on a larger area like home repair or contracting. By  choosing such a specialized profession these companies are taking a risk, as they’ll have a smaller client pool to draw from, but they also stand to benefit in certain ways as well. After all, a standard web design company has to compete with every other standard web design company for clients. There are much fewer web design companies specializing in websites for roofers, and as such there’s less competition. Still, the sheer amount of web designers focusing on creating websites for roofers is still somewhat odd.

These web designers are from all across the nation. RoofWebs, which claims that they only design websites for roofers, uses their extensive knowledge of roofing as a selling point. The similarly named Roofer Webs puts an emphasis on search engine optimization, as does Visible Roofer. Roofer Marketing Gurus covers every area of digital marketing for their clients, including pay-per-click campaigns and analytics services. These are just a few of the many web designers who focus on roofer clients. There’s MarketingXChange, Navolutions, Biz Website Designs, 561 Media… the list goes on. Not all of these companies focus exclusively on the needs of roofers, but all of them specialize in roofing sites, and they make that very clear. So why do these companies do this?

  • Less Competition: As I said above, becoming more specialized makes the field you’re playing on less competitive.
  • More Client Interest: Most web design companies have to work to draw in clients based upon their reputation, pricing or previous work experience alone. By focusing on roofing, these businesses draw the attention of certain potential clients, separating them from the pack and allowing them to generate more interest off-the-bat than a standard web design company.
  • Compiling Knowledge: Most web design companies work with a huge range of clients. As such, they gather little bits of knowledge throughout these experiences, rarely having the opportunity to build on knowledge they’ve previously received. On the other hand, specialized web design companies can learn a great deal about their chosen field over time, eventually becoming experts, more or less. This means that they can anticipate the needs of their clients more easily and write content more quickly.

If you’re a Toledo roofer like All-Nu Construction you might want to consider having a look at one of these web designers. Just because they’re specialized doesn’t mean they’re more talented, but it does mean they probably know your business, and that will show when your site is done.

Backup Solution for starting Entrepreneurs

Starting entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work running a business brings along. The actual business itself usually gets all the attention, especially in the beginning, but things like administrative tasks and IT functioning might be left out more often than not.

It is especially for this target group that an automated backup solution would make perfect sense. This latest technological development can secure their digital administration and relieve the entrepreneur from manual backup tasks. The necessity of having a backup in place is not unknown to people running a business. It would be quite a disaster to lose data on a project you are working on for a client. At the same time you are obliged to be able to show your tax books at any time and will face severe penalty’s when you are incapable to do so. While the benefits of solid backups are clear the actual execution of a backup plan is where things get more difficult.

This is where the online backup services come into place. These online services offer 100% automated backup solutions for your pc, laptop or even business server. Starting at prices as low as just five dollars per month these services will make a backup of your complete hard drive once a day. This way you will never lose more than one day’s work.

Besides the great reliability an backup service will offer to your business there are a few other advantages over regular local storage. For example with an online backup you will be able to access not just yesterday’s backup but a multiple of around 30 versions of your files. This way you can go back in time to find previous versions of the documents you are working on.

What also works out great is the fact that these cloud backup providers offer the functionality of online storage spaces like Dropbox and Google Drive. This way you will be able to login and edit files online in the cloud. The same aspect works for things like sharing files with colleagues. This becomes much easier when you are working in the cloud instead of locally.

The backup solutions have been keeping up with technology as well. This enables users to access their backup with mobile phones and tablets through dedicated apps or adaptive website’s.
While we focus on the importance of a backup service for businesses and entrepreneurs there are also multiple ways to utilize this concept for personal use. Think about storing family photos and personal documents in a family cloud where each member of the family can access it at anyplace anywhere they are. This might come in handy when children are growing up and leaving the family home or even the state.

To summarize there are many different reasons and motivations to make sure your files and especially your business is secure. One excellent way to accomplish this is by the use of a solid online backup service which makes automated backups on a daily basis. Make sure to find your preference and verify the functions you need are available.