Rhinoplasty Technology Advancements

There are 12,000 plastic surgeons that constantly rely on the latest technology advancements occurring in rhinoplasty surgery. The innovation and research on nose jobs that began in 1970s has taken many leaps forward to bring out the best possible results that plastic surgeons have ever experienced. The point of emphasis is more on complicated surgeries that include new treatments and the use of highly efficient technical equipment. Further physician and patient interactions about the surgical procedures have made a lot of improvement. For all expert areas, PSP has always been making news as Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeons successfully perform thousands of procedures each year. According to the ASPS, nose job cosmetic procedure is very popular as shaping of the nose can help in setting out the breathing problems.

Some of the common nose issues are: Large nose, Bumpy nose, Crooked nose, Droopy nose, Nasal breathing contraction

With the latest equipment being added, the procedures have been simplified and awareness among public has come upon to a good level to opt for a change in their nose.

More about 3D Printing and VECTRA Imaging System

Dr.Kim has nearly 12 US patents on these devices. He has contributed a lot to Rhinoplasty surgical procedures. He offers several tips regularly through his blog. He is also known for his innovation ever since he has offered three-dimensional (3D) imaging technology in 2012. 3D digital image is used for conducting a plastic surgery.

Innovative VECTRA imaging system was also introduced by Dr.Kim. First a photograph of the body or face or the area in which a surgical procedure is being conducted is taken. Then the system provides the simulated digital results of the patient with the desired procedure. This helps a surgeon to get a better idea as to how the real result look alike. This is a very good tool for rhinoplasty.

For all expert areas, PSP has always been making news as specialized doctors conduct rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeries successfully. 3D printing is all about using a particular software which is used in creating facial images. There are many methods prescribed to get good results and also to make an assessment of 3D images. This method has been in use for many years but it has gained recognition in the recent years. 3D printing machines are being made available rapidly.

The popular 3D printer is Selective Laser, which uses granules to make it into layers and then into objects. The truth is, 3D printing turns a computer model into a real object. It takes different materials from ABA to PLA ranging from plastic to nylon that melts it into layers and in this process, there are hundreds or thousands of layers that are drawn layer upon layer to draw a final object. Some of the software used are Solid Works. The end result is very good as a real-time object.

Top 5 cities using best technology

1. San Diego has a lot of demand for nose surgery procedures and these are almost commonly done as a daily practice. RPSinstitute.com/san-diego has been leading the way with advancements in technology and using them on every operation.

2. San Francisco has a list of doctors who undertake plastic surgeries for nose.

3. Los Angeles is the most popular city for enhancing looks and appearances. There are at least 134 plastic surgeons who were rated as US news list of doctors and some of them have also been awarded.

4. Miami has nearly 18 plastic surgeons for every 100000 residents. The city is definitely a hub for cosmetic formations.

5. New York has 600 plastic surgeons and in Manhattan and other areas there are plenty of major hospitals. In 2012 guide, Dr.Matthew was picked up as Top plastic surgeons in US.

All these cities have the best and latest equipment which is why cities have been getting a very good response from the patients.

Going by the needs of 3D printing, it is also quite significant to take care of the needs of patient and provide the best services to the poor and needy. Also when the latest equipment is available at no extra cost, it is always ideal to choose favorite doctor to conduct the operation. This helps many young people to come forward with the latest developments and choose a career in cosmetic plastic surgery industry.

Baby Stalker

Technology has been of great help to everybody in general. From using it to make our lives more convenient to communicating with one another, technology has lessened life’s burdens without any hassle. The world has gotten more advanced, so advanced sometimes we don’t need to go out of the house to do our routine. Whether you want to buy things or researching some information, all you need is just a click away.

Aside from aiding in your everyday routine, technology has played a big role in terms of security. With the advent of closed circuit television or CCTV, you get to detect any imminent threat right away thus resulting to faster action if anything goes wrong. It indeed makes us safer and going anywhere we wish to is never a hesitation.

You can even use technology to monitor the status of your baby while you’re on the other room. This is to make sure that if something inevitable happens, your course of action can be done in the fastest time possible. Just by connecting a camera to your baby’s crib and syncing it with your laptop or tablet (provided you have wi-fi) to make some video transmitters, you can use it to snoop on your little one and find out what your baby is doing.

If you are planning to buy some baby monitors to have better baby security, you can actually buy them in stores or shops. If you don’t have the time, you can order it online. There are a variety of baby monitors that have different features that are unique to each product. If you’re confused on what to buy, you can ask help from your friends, reading brochures or going to retail stores itself.

Still confused about what to buy? It’s better to check baby product review sites to find out from the experts which are the most preferred option for you and your baby. There are baby monitors that have longer range compared to others. Some have a specific type of encryption technology that prevents other people from accessing the device. Nobody would want that, that would be a violation of the right to privacy.

It is very important that you know how to find the best, especially when it comes to your child. Their safety is your main concern as a parent for if anything bad happens, you’ll be facing head down and ask yourself, “Why I have not done this?”

Nevertheless, aside from the protection baby monitors have to offer, you even get to enjoy your baby as he or she does her thing without you in their sights.

Technology has generally made our lives basically easier and safer with the advent of machines that reduces our workload and burdens by half or even more. Way back then people had to spend a lot, a lot of money to keep themselves and those around them safe but nowadays, anyone who has a paycheck can do buy these stuff and make their lives better.

Biggest iPhone 6 Rumors

Is it September yet? All Apple fans are heavily anticipating the release of the newest iPhone, iPhone 6, to be released sometime this Fall. With a new phone comes a slew of expectations about what will be changed and improved on. Each subsequent generation sees at least a few differences, either in the physical nature of the phone or its functional abilities, usually both.

I always like to address the yearly upgrades in technology as people either love them or hate them. Some tend to hate them because they think it’s just a way to make more money, while others love the new features that come out. The truth is, it’s probably a little of both. Technology changes very quickly, so in a year, you may be able to do things that you were unable to do the year before. This is common in many industries. Take the fitness industry as a great example. The products that make up the best testosterone booster of 2014 or the best crossfit shoes of 2014 are not going to be the same products that make up the best testosterone booster of 2015 or the best crossfit shoes of 2015  this time next year. New findings will lead to reformulated and brand new products. The same goes for the technology sector as well.

We have put together a summary of the latest rumors flying around the Internet. Some of these may come to fruition, while others are just…rumors. So check out the list below if you are impatiently waiting to see what the newest Apple phone will (possibly) do.

Release Date

At the time of writing this article, the exact announcement of the iPhone 6 has not been officially announced. The assumption is that it will happen around the middle of September, the most reliable rumor being September 20th, with the first shipments being sent out a few weeks after. I’ve come to look forward to September just for these announcements from Apple every year!

Larger Display

This is quite possibly the biggest rumor out there. Apple is thought to be releasing two models in different sizes of their screens – 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. The former is expected to be released in September, while the latter is uncertain in that timeframe. You had to expect that Apple would up the display size, given the popularity and successes of other manufacturers with their larger phones.

Nano-like Design

It seems that the 6 will be taking its cues from the design of the iPod Nano and iPhone 5c. There will be multiple colors to choose from on the back cover and smoother, curvier design. The last few months have been rife with “leaks” of the new iPhone 6, specifically from Jimmy Lin, a racecar driver and actor. Google it and you can see a clear picture.

Sapphire Crystal Display

This rumor excites me the most, as I tend to drop my phone a lot. Apparently, the glass used as the display screen will be made of sapphire glass, which is nearly indestructible. Just think a little less than the hardness of a diamond. It apparently doesn’t scratch, snap, shatter, or crack.  Many iPhone users have issues with cracked screens so if this rumor is true, Apple may have gained more buyers.


The jury is still out on the exact price, but if we go with history, the new models will be similarly priced close to the old ones. But considering the possibility of the size of the phone increasing, we may also see an increase in the price. In addition, the larger model of the two could see a price increase of around $50 to $100.

Better Camera

The camera in the 5s version did come with improvements, there are a few possibilites to make the 6 even better. Optical Image Stabilization to prevent blurry pictures is one, lightfield camera is another. The first is more likely to be present in the larger model. A lightfield camera allows you to refocus your shot after you’ve taken it. Regardless of the changes, it will still be a 8 mega-pixel camera like the 5s.

Bigger Battery

Hopefully, the battery is bigger with the 6! The rumor is that anywhere from 15% – 60% improvement from the 5s, depending on what model you have. This is great, except the larger screen and improved processor will still use the majority of battery power, resulting in a battery life that is about the same as older models. Here’s to hoping it is better than that!

Responsive Web Design in Ecommerce

Let’s face it. Mobile devices are everywhere. Yes, you have one (or 5) and so do I. The advent of the technology required for mobile internet browsing to be not only possible, but an actually enjoyable experience as well has caused the world of technology to be overtaken by the power of the mobile device.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or whatever, the world has made it clear that they want access to the online space on the go, at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere in the world.
With this recent explosion of the mobile device market, web developers have been faced more and more, from new clients to existing ones, with the dilemma of how to address the user experience of their client’s websites on a mobile device.

While you may be able to get away with not addressing the needs of the mobile market with a personal blog, in the ecommerce space where user experience can dominate or destroy your conversion rates, you cannot afford not to make your site friendly across all devices.

There are generally three ways to address the mobile issue:

1) Do nothing
2) Have a separate mobile site that mobile devices redirect to
3) Have a fully responsive mobile site.

More often than not, you are likely to see number 1 implemented. If you have visited a site and had to ‘pinch and zoom’ to see the content then that site has not addressed the mobile problem at all.

Option number 2 is an okay option, but studies have shown that these kinds of mobile site redirects can dramatically slow down site speed and performance, among other problems.

I believe that the future of mobile web experience will come to be dominated by option 3.

So, what is a ‘fully responsive’ mobile site?

Essentially this: Whenever the site is loaded onto a device, whether a desktop, smartphone, laptop, etc., the site ‘responds’ to the screen size on the device, and images, text and all other content on the site will resize automatically to fit the screen.

Here’s an example from a recent client. Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters.com, an online seller of ugly/tacky Christmas jumpers and party accessories, wanted a fully responsive site that would help them increase their conversion rate with mobile users

Take a look at the screenshots below. As you can see the site on a desktop is in its full screen version. As the screen resizes, the elements of the page automatically realign to fit the screen.

You can test any site on a desktop or laptop to see if it is responsive by simply dragging the corners of your browser and resizing the screen. If everything on the page realigns automatically you will know you are viewing a fully mobile responsive site.

On an ecommerce store you do not want to lose potential customers who come to you on mobile devices, just because the experience of visiting your site is difficult on a small screen. People are naturally uncomfortable when purchasing online. You have to do whatever you can to make every step of the process a comfortable, soothing experience so you can move them seamlessly through your sales funnel to the completion of the checkout process.

Asking your visitors to pinch and zoom on every page of the buying process is going to lead to frustration and, ultimately, shopping cart and site abandonment.

I think that as mobile expands, as it invariably will, fully responsive sites are going to be the industry standard. Ecommerce is the industry, I believe, that has the most to gain by addressing the response of their site across multiple devices, and making sure each mobile visitor has a pleasant experience makes a purchase, and comes back often.

New Technology Advancements In Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

In the last radio program, I had the opportunity of interviewing a prominent doctor on the new technological advancements in transvaginal mesh surgery. Additionally, the Doctor was kind enough to provide a reference site at transvaginalmeshguide.com for anyone that is interested in learning more about this subject.

Here are the top 5 questions I asked the doctor and some of the important answers that he provided. Details on other things that emerged during this last interview are also available.

1. What is this Surgery?

The doctor was prudent enough when I asked him to provide the details of what is entailed in mesh implant surgery. He said that this surgical operation involves the implantation of a net-like implant in women through the vaginal opening. The net-like implant, commonly referred to as a mesh implant that is used in treating pelvic organ prolapsed and stress urinary inconsistence in women. Sincerely speaking I had no idea on what the medical doctor was talking about.

2. What are its  Health Benefits?

According to what the doctor said, the first and most important benefit of this surgery is that the net-like implant that is inserted in the pelvic cavity holds the pelvic bones to the right positions and therefore prevents serious disorders such as the pelvic organ prolapsed from prevailing. This is very important in ensuring healthy lifestyles are upheld in women.

Another great importance of the this surgery is that the inserted net-like implant acts as a reservoir for accumulated urine and therefore prevents the woman from acquiring a health condition that is characterized by urinary inconsistency. This means that a woman who has gone through a successful surgery will not have to worry about unpredictability in urinary discharge.

3. Can the Surgery be done to a Man?

Transvaginal mesh implantation is only possible to women with problems that affect the pelvic bone functions. Men do not have a vaginal opening and therefore making the surgical operation impossible. The doctor however clarified that there are reported cases of men having similar problems that would require the surgical implantation of a medical device that can hold the pelvic bones firmly into their positions. He said that there are other medical procedures that are used in treating such disorders and do not necessarily require medical operations.

4. Is there an Alternative to this Procedure?

Medical doctors are working on possible replacement of this surgical procedure with the use of pills and injections. With the research still on, there is no proven alternative to a mesh implant. Women who are diagnosed with health conditions that require this surgical procedure have no alternative but to sit down, relax and let the doctors do their work.

5. What happens if the Vaginal Opening is Too Small to accommodate the Implant?

If the woman’s vaginal opening is a bit small, the doctor is allowed to make use of special sterilized tools and equipments to widen the opening. This is aimed at making it possible to insert the mesh into the pelvic cavity. It is important to realize that such cases are rare as most women have vaginal openings that can accommodate the medical implant.

With these new technological advancements, there is every reason to believe that our women will be able to live a happy and fulfilling life that is not characterized by complex health conditions.