Simple Design Tips for eCommerce Sites to Help Increase Traffic and Sales

Designing an eCommerce store is much more than making it look aesthetically pleasing, it is also about designing it in a manner that will generate and increase sales. The design of your eCommerce store should be tailored in a manner that encourages consumer trust not only in the site itself, but also the merchandise you’re selling. For example, if you are a prescription and designer eyewear brand selling eyeglasses online, your storefront design should display high-quality images of your products and a brief description containing important product information. It should also be designed in a manner that is coherent and easy to navigate.

Second, you should strive to make it easy for consumers to navigate not only properly, but also quickly. The key is to drive them to the product they’re searching as quick as possible, in addition, the purchasing process should also be easy to use. In this article we have included a list of simple eCommerce design tips illustrating the best designing principles. Strategic application of all the tips listed below will help to ensure consumer confidence in your site and products, as well as increased efficiency in the quick sale of your merchandise, which can and will drive your revenue up.

Call to Action: Implement Coherent Buttons

If a customer gets lost on your site, then it’s safe to say you have just lost a potential customer. Each call to action site button must be visible, clear and coherent, effectively illustrating where each button will take the consumer. The best way to achieve a more visible and easily accessible button is through color, size and good design. You want your call to action buttons to be distinctly noticeable. When a call to action button is designed well, it will lead each person exactly where they wish to go and where you would like to take them. In order to achieve this, the following buttons should be enhanced: buy now, read more, and the shopping cart. This is extremely important in competitive industries such as photographers in Austin like this website that has a great conversion rate.

Important Content Information Should Be Public

In other words, design your site in a manner that informs consumers of critical information as early and as often as possible. A customer is more inclined to purchase your products if they understand what it is, what’s in it for them, how much it costs, when the product will arrive, and the product’s refund policy. When you inform consumers about this information early on, it makes it easier for them to make the decision to buy goods from your site. All important product information should be clearly visible and mentioned frequently.

Simplify Site Navigation

When designing an eCommerce store, it is so important to make the process of navigation the site easy and simple. You can achieve this through drop down menus, filters and a site search bar. This helps to ensure the main pages and products are easy to find within the site. Designing your pages with strategic category selections and filters will make it easy for your customers to locate valuable product information about products they wish to buy. A lot of sites have a tendency to overcomplicate or over-simplify categories, that is why it is best to design it from the consumer’s point of view. When you develop the categories, assess what filters are needed to find certain products. It is also advised that you ask consumers about their personal recommendations for site navigation. You can also send out a customer survey asking questions about their experience and how easy it was to find the product they were looking for.

Handling Digital Signatures Like a Pro

I recently had to apply for life insurance and have never had to sign so many documents. The insurance company was sending me very large contracts to read, sign and get back to them. Luckily, my friends at MacPro Services had a wonderful solution to my digital problem – electronic signature.

I had a need to sign all of these electronic documents, forms, and letters that I was getting from my insurance company. It was extremely frustrating downloading printing, signing, scanning, attaching and resending those documents back to my agent. Well, luckily I had a Mac with OSX, and was able to do all of this very easily with just a little instruction. And now, I will share my education with my readers, so that you might benefit as well. Just follow the directions below and in about 3 minutes, you too can take the stress of out signing electronic documents.

Letters, contracts, and other documents (including insurance and heath forms) are becoming more and more digitized — partly due to convenience and partly because new HIPAA laws are requiring it. Most often, these digital copies of documents are in the form of PDFs (portable document formats). However, in most cases, these documents still require your signature. Therefore, unless you have a stylus handy, it may seem difficult to accomplish your ‘John Hancock.’ I have discovered that the best solution is to paste an image of your signature onto the document. Luckily for me, and you (if you have a Mac), this is a simple process that I have explained in detail below.

  1. First, clearly write your signature on any sheet of bright paper. NOTE: sometimes a thicker-tipped marker ends up looking better, but you can experiment and see which looks better to you.
  2. Then, open a PDF with the Preview application. On a Mac computer, Preview is the default program that opens PDFs. If you have set another program to open PDFs other than Preview (e.g., Adobe Reader), then you will need to right-click a PDF and select “Open With…” > Preview.
  3. Now, click the ‘Show Edit Toolbar’ button (shortcut: shift+command+A) to reveal the annotation options.
  4. Then, click the ‘Signature’ tool, and select the option to create a new signature. (If you do not see this signature tool, it is because you do not have a PDF open, but rather an image or something else). This will use turn on your FaceTime camera – the camera at the top of your monitor facing you.
  5. Lastly, hold the paper with your John Hancock up to the camera and align the signature with the blue horizontal line. The FaceTime camera will reverse the image like a mirror, but do not worry, Preview will display it the correct direction. When you are happy with your alignment, simply press the ‘Accept’ button to save that signature for future use.

Now that you have a great signature saved, you can easily insert it into any PDF. With the annotation tool still showing, click the ‘Signature’ tool again. This time, select your signature that you just photographed and click anywhere in the PDF to insert your signature. From here, you can resize your signature or drag it around to fit in the appropriate spot or “sign here” line.

In review — use Preview to open your PDFs, press shift+cmd+A, click the signature tool, and insert your signature.

That is it! Now you, like me, know how to bring happiness to your attorney, doctor, or (in my case) life insurance agent, and save you time and hassle. Your old routine of download print, sign, scan, attach and resend has become much more simple and far less time-consuming. I have to give props to my good buddies at MacPro Services for teaching me this dead-useful technique that has saved me lots of time and frustration. If you ever need computer repair in tallahassee, give these fine gentlemen a call.

Technology helping people get healthier

Technology is a useful tool for providing us with shortcuts in life to accomplish many things as well as providing new/different ways to view issues. Technology has also aided healthcare through helpful devices such as MRI and other machines which allow doctors to swiftly detect patients/ problems. Technology can also be used as a tool to combat addiction. Smoking is a intensely habit-forming addiction which can virtually control people’s lives. Naturally, people have tried to quit smoking with varying levels of success. A technological tool to combat smoking is electronic cigarettes.

The premise of these cigarettes is based on the notion that the act of inhaling nicotine is the addictive part of smoking. An electronic cigarette, simply put, is one that still provides smokers with the pleasure of inhaling without the negative side effects of smoking- the inhaling of carcinogens. Electronic cigarettes are essentially vaporizers which function by burning a liquid which changes into vapor and is then inhale by the users. Electronic cigarettes are activated by a lithium 18350 battery, additional features include a vaporization chamber and cartridge. Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, so there is no carbon monoxide, smoke, or odor associated with smoking regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries which are similar to other technology tool that must be kept charged for the tool to continue to function properly. The liquid cartridges must also be refilled on a regular and consistent basis.

Smoking can be an expensive habit especially for habitual smokers that will burn through a pack a day. Electronic cigarettes are a useful tool to combat addiction as they are relatively inexpensive in comparison to cigarettes, with the electronic cigarette, battery, and cartridges costs are considerably less than those needed to maintain a pack a day habit. The costs of smoking can become very expensive which is why electronic cigarettes are such a good alternative to smoking and a good way for smokers to overcome their habit.
Other benefits of electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes would be the lack of smokers cough which is associated with smoking. Gradually, users of electronic cigarettes will notice that their smoker’s cough starts to decrease in intensity as their body is cleansed of the harmful chemicals produced by cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarette users will notice that their sense of taste which had been drastically reduce is now improving and thus users will be able to taste various foods leading to more enjoyment while eating. As everyone knows, those who smoke must face respiratory and breathing problems, using electronic cigarettes allows for improve breathing as they are not inhaling dangerous chemicals/substances. Electronic cigarettes also remove the risk of accidental burns from people that unfortunately forget that they are smoking. This could also be consider a financial benefit as smokers wont accidentally damage carpet, clothing, rugs, or any other fixture of households.

Electronic cigarettes are also known as vapor mods. Vapor mods are modification to electronic cigar’ in terms of design and features. This is another way in which electronic cigarettes provide benefits over regular cigarettes.

5 Tips For Finding Good Radio Interviews

One of the best ways to get great content for your radio show is to interview experts in various industries. People like to hear from experts because they’re confident that they know what they’re talking about. If you’re covering a controversial topic, or just something that should be covered by someone with experience in that field, interviews are the way to go.

But you don’t want to get just anyone for your interviews. There are certain qualities to look for in an expert for your radio interview. It’s kind of like qualifying an expert witness for court. By looking for ideal traits, and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find awesome people to interview.

1: Check their credentials

Some people claim to be an expert, but don’t have the experience and credentials to back it up. Before you invite them to be on your show, do some research on them to make sure they’re legit and not just all talk. Did they just do a few posts on small blogs on a topic? Or have they gotten national media coverage and received recognition for their work in their field? These are the types of questions that will help give you an idea of how knowledgeable a person is on a topic.

The more hands on experience they have in the field, the better. If all they know on the subject is what they’ve read in books, then they’re not really an expert. Remember, you’re going to have people calling in with questions, so the person you’re interviewing needs to have a lot of experience so that they’re able to provide solid, trustworthy answers.

2: Talk to them prior to the interview

Nothing is worse than getting an expert lined up to be interviewed, and then finding out that they’re as boring as a ball of cotton once they’re on the air. Before having them on your show for an interview, have some small talk with them to see if they’re interesting and can keep a conversation flowing.

Boring interviews don’t make for very good radio. By talking to them ahead of time, you’ll get a good sense of whether or not they’ll make for a good interview. You’ll also want to pay attention to how well they speak. If they have difficulty articulating their thoughts, it’s going to be a rough interview. One of the folks I interviewed was Sheryl Shane. She’s an expert on criminal defense law in Virginia. I was instantly able to tell that she would be a great person to interview from a brief 5 minute conversation. That’s the type of expert you’ll want for your interviews.

3: Give them an idea of what you’ll be asking them

I usually recommend giving the person you’re interviewing a general guide for what types of questions you’re going to be asking them. You don’t necessarily have to give them a list of every question, because then their answers will sound scripted. But a rough overview of what areas you want to explore will give your interview a conversational flow, and leave plenty of room for them to elaborate.

4: Find someone with an opposing viewpoint

If you want to spice things up a little and keep it interested, look to interview people who may have contrasting views on a topic. I’ll warn you ahead of time though, for subjects like politics and religion, things can turn ugly really quickly. You want to have an interesting interview, but you don’t want it to break out into an all out brawl where everyone is just screaming at each other.

5: Get recognizable people when possible

The key phrase here is “when possible”. Obviously you’re probably not going to be able to land the president for an interview. But if you can find someone with a little bit of name recognition, it will encourage more listeners to tune in to hear the interview. This kind of ties in with checking credentials. Does the person have a big following on social media? That could be a sign that they are well known and people will want to hear what they say. More people are going to tune in to hear Dr. Oz speak then they will for your personal family doctor.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. Whether you’re looking for a lawyer, doctor, photographer, or other type of professional, following the steps above will help you find some interesting people to interview.

Reasons Every Designer Needs an Email List.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a phrase that is constantly thrown around on the net, at business conferences and also during meetings focused on marketing strategy. It is said that email marketing improves communication from businesses, focuses on important, key markets, and is both inexpensive and not harmful to the environment.

But how exactly do we define email marketing and what it entails? How can an email be more impactful on a customer than an ad on television or radio? And why should any designer invest the time and money in curating and maintaining an email list?

When a business sends out general information or messages to a bunch of people through email, this is what’s known as email marketing. Usually, any advertisements, sales pitches, pleas for donations, or any correspondence via email is viewed as email marketing so long as it helps to increase the loyalty of customers, build trust in any product or service, and also improves the recognition of the brand or company.

It is an effective medium of remaining in touch with your customers while simultaneously endorsing your brand. Every webmaster or web designer should be capitalizing on permission-based marketing to get repeat customers.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

With the advent of email marketing, it’s ridiculously easy to get to anyone in your target market(s). There is no need for any investment in printing, TV or radio time and little to no production costs. Due to the success of email marketing software, it is very easy to divide your list into many categories depending on your business. These may include the preferences of your customers, their addresses, their spending habits and so on.

You can then craft emails specifically for each segment of your list. This affords a greater degree of personalization and may increase the results of your marketing efforts. This form of personalized marketing will promote loyalty and confidence in your brand as well as result in an upsurge in sales.
Campbell McPherson, an expert in online business and sales, recommends that you start every new email marketing campaign with a warm welcome letter. Be sure to thank your new subscriber for joining your list.

A good welcome email can tell your brand new subscriber more about your company and what you stand for; reaffirming to them that their choice to join your list was well made. You should also make an effort to get to know your subscribers even better. The more data you have in your possession, the more you can refine your future marketing campaigns.

In addition to that, you should also make your subscribers aware of any important announcements, any new products or services, discounts, coupons and more.Campbell McPherson urges that each email you create and send must also have your company information included.

This will also ensure that potential clients can learn more about your brand and give them the opportunity to opt-in for more emails from you. The opt-in option is essential for emails being sent to addresses that were collected in your business from a customer transaction and also purchased leads.
Through the use of email marketing software such as Aweber and MailChimp, you can analyse and observe the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

It’s an easy and efficient way to connect with your audience while saving yourself a tonne of time and money as opposed to the more traditional forms of marketing. Harness the power of the internet and ensure that your clients come to you again and again for their needs.